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Crowns are porcelain caps for your teeth. They’re one of the most effective ways to strengthen and protect a damaged or decayed tooth when fillings or other restoration methods aren’t viable. At Smile Doctors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, experienced dentist Brian Danielewicz, DDS, uses imaging to give you crowns. Click the online scheduler or call the office to make your crown appointment today.

Crowns Q & A

What is a crown?

A crown, sometimes also called a cap, covers your tooth with a custom-made thin porcelain shell. Crowns are very durable and can make your tooth stronger than it was before. Crowns are usually used for functional reasons, but they can also enhance the appearance of your teeth.

When do I need a crown?

There are several different situations that may call for a crown restoration, including:

  • Broken tooth
  • Badly decayed tooth
  • Fractured filling
  • Badly worn tooth
  • Very big filling that weakens the tooth

If you need a root canal to preserve your tooth after severe infection, you'll typically get a crown afterward. The crown protects the tooth from further infection and gives it the extra stability needed with the pulp gone.

What is the crown procedure like?

First, Dr. Danielewicz performs a full oral exam and uses the state-of-the-art dental cone beam CT machine to get a 3D image of your teeth. This image then goes to the on-site restoration milling machine that creates your custom crown during the same visit.

Dr. Danielewicz chooses the porcelain color that matches your teeth best to make sure that your new crown looks natural next to your other teeth.

Before placing your new crown, Dr. Danielewicz buffs your tooth surface and applies bonding material to allow ideal adhesion and ensure a good fit.

How are crowns different than veneers?

Crowns are similar to veneers in some ways, as they're both tooth covers made of porcelain. However, veneers cover just the front of your teeth while crowns cover the entire tooth.

While veneers do lend a little extra strength to your teeth, they're mainly designed to aesthetically enhance the front teeth. Crowns mainly go on the middle and back teeth, such as your molars, where the main goal is durability and strength rather than appearance.

How long do crowns last?

Crowns typically last for a minimum of seven years, and possibly up to 40 years. Daily brushing and flossing along with regular dental checkups can help you maximize crown lifespan.

To learn more about same-day crowns, click the online scheduler or call Smile Doctors to make your appointment today.